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For the past 10 years, Marble Arch Partners (“Marble Arch”) has developed a solid reputation in successful technology development. Marble Arch is a recognized leader in telecommunications in North America and Europe. Marble Arch is also a U.S. Government authorized prime vendor and manufacturer of defense equipment and technologies.  Marble Arch has a proven track record as experts in commercializing military technologies for the global marketplace – in strict compliance with national laws and regulations pertaining to export controls – and the militarizing of global commercial technologies as COTS solutions for the DOD and other U.S. Government Agencies. Marble Arch sources intellectual property throughout the world through its global subsidiary, Perseus Global, LTD (UK), and affiliates as well as public and private entities. Marble Arch's strategy is to match “sourced IP with immediate customer requirements”, capitalizing on the basic research and development already performed and expensed by the inventor or innovator. Through its unique “IP to Market” licensing strategy, Marble Arch offers the innovator or inventor, public or private, an immediate channel for their product in exchange for a success-based royalty structure. Once licensed, Marble Arch takes on the financial risk of prototyping, manufacturing, distribution and service to the customer. Marble Arch operates similarly to a technology enabler or developer. Marble Arch's active stakeholders bring project opportunities for development to its Managing Directors (Aerospace, Technology, Defense & Security). If the Managing Directors agree, a budget is established against the project’s goals and opportunities. The sponsoring Managing Director commences the development process, usually through an operating entity or special purpose vehicle, utilizing Marble Arch's internal resources, e.g. capital, project management, channels, rapid prototyping, advanced manufacturing expertise. The Managing Director promotes, assists, and secures the project’s technology; establishes a channel for its sale; and as appropriate, additional Participating Partners – at the project level - for scaling the opportunity or a strategic exit. Consequently, the strength and value of Marble Arch is the aggregate of its management expertise, market channels, IP portfolio, and ongoing projects, as would be the case of any development firm, not the performance of any single opportunity.